Casper de Jong

Art, Technology and Sience artist based in Utrecht, Netherlands

Lockdown Adventures

These past couple of months haven’t been easy for anyone. A lot of people have lost their life, jobs, steady income, perspective etc. Ofcourse I also suffered from the pandemic, but, luckily, my health was never in any danger.

Even though it not being easy, I also believe that it opens up a whole new dimension for every sector to adapt and overcome. I’ve seen a lot of creativity, by instance at restaurants and cafés, and thousand of other branches. It’s great to see.

As an artist I love to reflect on new situations and adapt. It might not be easy, but it also gives me a lot of inspiration as there is a whole new world with new boundary’s emerging. On this page I will post some of my new art installations as a direct result of these new boundaries.

De vingerverf Robot’

At the beginning of the lockdown I missed the stress of performing, entertaining and exhibiting. I was looking for a way to do these things while also having a good time with friends online.  This is how de ‘Vingerverf Robot’ emerged. (Fingerpaint robot)

The painting robot went live on Twitch and users were able to control it with text commands. Saying ‘Left’ made the robot go left etc.

This was a great way to have a nice evening with people while not being able to see them in real life. You had to work together to abtain paint and make an actual painting. I started off small and went onto bigger canvas in later streams. I also did themed party’s like Disco Night and on easter we painted eggs together:


‘The Social Distance Bot’

It got harder for people to maintain distance or some people just didn’t want to. A perfect time to make a robot to fix that situation. I bring you: The Social Distance Bot. Here you can find the trailer:


“The Handshake”

The first thing that wasn’t allowed anymore was to shake hands, something that we do multiple times every day. We do it when we greet eachother or for instance if we make a deal. But what if we forget how to do a handshake? Or more importantly, are not able to shake eachothers hands for a long time to come? Luckily, I trained high functioning robots to do the handshake for us!

Part 1:

Part 2:

And for whom a handshake is too formal, pt.3:


“Currently Out Of Order”

With a heavy hearth I have to announce that my brand new interactive art installation ‘Currently out of Order’ is currently out of order due to Corona and to help prevent further spreading of the virus. This new art installation reflects human curiosity, therefore I feel extra sad that it can’t be used for the time being. I want to thank everyone who was about to see it or planned to see it in the near future.

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