Casper de Jong

Art, Technology and Sience artist based in Utrecht, Netherlands - Currently working on a new website, stay tuned!


Pressure is a robotic saw installation.

The robot will saw anything, as long as it feels like it has to. It has been made to saw, and it is expected to do so.

If it is not surrounded by humans, it will not feel the pressure to keep sawing. As soon as it feels that people expect it to saw, it will saw.

The more people approach the robotic saw, it will feel more pressure and work harder, saw harder until it eventually cannot hold up anymore.

It will saw anything, from scrap wood to sacrifices or personal belongings. It is not programmed to judge. It is only programmed to saw.

Robotics and technology overstepped a big part in evolution. They never got to work with traditional tools and do not feel the need to work with them. They are only made to be efficient and to make human life easier. ‘Pressure’ will fill the gap robotics missed in their evolution.

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